TBT: Les laines du chat qui pelote

I’m having a moment with cats, with black cats in particular. If you follow me on Instagram you know I visited the cutest litter of kittens yesterday, which includes two black kitties. I have my eye on Selkie, the boy, though my husband has said “No more pets!” and I know it would be slightly financially irresponsible to take on another when we’ve got 2 ailing elderly dogs. But still – a girl can dream.

TBT: Acrilan

Oh dear. I would guess that the scarves and hats knit for this (I’m guessing) early 1980s ad still exist. The highlight for me is the cat, who looks somehow both unhappy and befuddled, perhaps there’s a silent plea there as well. The cocker spaniel is in this for the treats but the cat … the poor cat …

TBT: Thanksgiving, 1967

You may be expecting a greeting card or a photograph, but I stumbled across this vintage ad and couldn’t resist. It’s sort of related to this blog – knitting, turkeys, a throw back to the year my parents were married.

Nobody knits for Sue Brett like Alamac
Count your blessings. Sue Brett serves up a new feast in Alamac’s 80% Orlon 30/20% wool Shallyknit®. It’s a delectable A-shaper with inverted pleats and co[ntrast] binding. In gold with shocking trim; lime with pink; turquoise with orange. Sizes 5 to 15. About $26. At Arnold Constable, New York; Jordan Marsh, Boston; Marshall Field, Chicago; Gus Mayer, all stores; Woodward & Lothrop, Washington, D. C.; and other fine stores. Fabric by Alamac Knitting Mills, Inc, 1412 Broadway, New York, New York.
I wish I’d found this earlier; I could be wearing this very comfortable looking outfit today. Maybe next year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating! And Happy Thursday to those who are not – one more day to the weekend!