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Tag: vintage knit

  • Catalina Ski Sweater by Flipsville

    I stumbled across this beauty and am now obsessed. There is but one picture of it that I could find on the interwebs (even using tineye.com) and that’s from a broken Pinterest link. A cursory search of the other keywords hasn’t yielded any useful information about Catalina (a style? a regional style?) or Flipsville (except…

  • TBT: Acrilan

    Oh dear. I would guess that the scarves and hats knit for this (I’m guessing) early 1980s ad still exist. The highlight for me is the cat, who looks somehow both unhappy and befuddled, perhaps there’s a silent plea there as well. The cocker spaniel is in this for the treats but the cat ……

  • TBT: Knit Bathing Suits

    I need a new bathing suit this year and I particularly like the one on the left. Perhaps I’ll get cracking on making one. Full instructions are available on flickr.