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  • Continuing Adventures in Weaving

    Continuing Adventures in Weaving

    You may remember I impulse-bought an 8-shaft Ashford table loom from my friends The Fiberists at Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival this past fall. Ky’s Christmas present was assembling the loom for me, which he did somewhat belatedly in mid-January. Also in January I took a virtual weaving class that wasn’t as helpful as I had…

  • TBT: Iron Age Tunic, TBT to the Future

    In 2014, an iron age tunic was discovered along with a cache of artifacts that were previously frozen in a Norwegian glacier. The tunic was woven, had been patched several times, and had sleeves added after the original garment was made. More details about the textile and its construction are in this article, while the full…

  • Weaving? Weaving.

    I’ve been intrigued but daunted by weaving since a few of my knitting & spinning friends started and I swore I wasn’t going to add it to my repertoire. The cost of additional equipment also put me off, even starter rigid heddle looms range from around $100-$300. And floor looms, perhaps the ultimate in looms,…