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  • Patience and Embroidery

    Patience and Embroidery

    I almost titled this “Patience: an Embroidery” because that would also work as a title for this piece that I started it in 2016-2017. It was a part of my mental health journey arching up and away from almost a week in the hospital in January 2015 that I’m still not entirely ready to talk…

  • Fleece Aquisition: Alpaca Edition

    Fleece Aquisition: Alpaca Edition

    I got four alpaca fleeces from a small family farm this morning; this post is about the four colors I got, how my plan for the Sustainable Cloth initiative is going, and more.

  • LOL Friday: Hair!

    Body hair can be funny, particularly when it’s sheepish. Mutton chops! These make me wish it was fashionable for ladies to sport facial hair, but that’s a trend that I don’t think will ever catch on. By Terry Border, one in a series (yes, there are more). One for the ladies and anyone who relishes…

  • TBT: Knit Bathing Suits

    I need a new bathing suit this year and I particularly like the one on the left. Perhaps I’ll get cracking on making one. Full instructions are available on flickr.

  • Birthday

    Today’s my birthday – yay! I get to eat as much cake as I can! And also reflect on what’s happened in a year … I’m in such a different place  mentally; last year I was still recovering from something that happened in January and still struggling with drinking. I took my last drink in…

  • Cowl Kick, Pricing Finished Knits

    I’ve been on a cowl design and making kick after spending a couple months working on a Exeter cabled sweater. I can’t stop with the cowls now – they’re quick, easy projects that give me near-instant gratification. The cowl kick started at the end of the sweater project. For about 2 years now I’ve been trying,…

  • I’m Lichen Dying

    I’m liking dying & puns and lichen dying. I tried dying with lichen this past spring but didn’t take any pictures of my results. Until now, that is: On the left is the iron-mordanted sample, on the right: alum. I know, the results aren’t that spectacular. It turns out that mid-May isn’t such a great…