Time Flies!

February went by in the blink of an eye and it feels like the Ides of March & St. Patrick’s Day 2018 will quickly be a thing of the past while I carry on privately writing, knitting, and doing other crafty things. I suppose I’m starting to come out of some kind of hibernation now that the days are getting longer again; I’ve started doing things that I’ve been putting off for a long time, like:

  • Submitting poems and a short story to Narrative magazine, which of course I’m anxious about, thinking “I submitted it ___ ago! Why haven’t they gotten back to me yet?” which started the day after I sent the email, of course. Also, I haven’t been writing the last few weeks, but I have a plan to start again.
  • I cleaned out my yarn stash for the first time ever and am handing off bits and bobs to a local knitter in another knitting group. The oldest yarn in there I bought in NYC in 2000 or 2002 – if I haven’t knit that Dale of Norway Baby Ull by now, I don’t think I’m going to, so it’s best to send it on its way to fulfill its destiny.
  • Updating my Ravelry stash pages. The yarn clean-out was spurred by two of my knitting friends giving me yarn, spinning fiber, and a stack of fair isle books they inherited, so there was a lot of updating I needed to do.
  • Finishing off embroidery pieces and listing them in The Yarn Office, my etsy shop: The View from Mt. Peg and Firecracker).
  • Adding handspun yarn to The Yarn Office: a set of handspun naturally dyed cormo that I’m incredibly proud of, some sunset-colored yarn that was fun to spin but so not my color, and some natural brown wool that I’m not quite sure what to do with. In looking at my handspun, I also realized that I really prefer making 3 ply yarns for some reason.
Cormo Set
Handspun, naturally dyed cormo yarn set

My knitting has been focused on using yarn that I got from my friend Lisa, who received almost the whole stash of a friend she met on Ravelry. Unfortunately for this friend, she can no longer knit (I hope that day never comes for me) and knew that Lisa would appreciate her colorwork-focused stash and library. Lisa was overwhelmed and so I happily stepped in to help take some of the yarn off her hands, starting with enough Sandness Garn Peer Gynt to make 2 sweaters. I’ve long admired Knit.Love.Wool on Instagram, and found that she (Jennifer Steinglass) not only has patterns that I got gauge for with Peer Gynt, but that for all of 2018 she’s having a buy 2 patterns get 1 free sale on Ravelry (info on her designer page). I just finished Starfall and started on Seachange.

My Starfall Sweater with some slightly tweaked colorwork

I need to catch up with a lot of the blogs I follow (sorry friends!) – I’ve been reading The Internet and books instead of blogs lately. I’m currently reading the second book in a really fascinating trilogy by N. K. Jemison, The Broken Earth series. Before this, I read Octavia E. Butler’s Lilith’s Brood, which is also a trilogy that I really enjoyed. I find myself longing for female heroes and the female perspective and although both of these are sci-fi/fantasy, they deliver and they deliver on being diverse (another thing I’ve been craving) since both authors are African American. I’m also working my way through The Amazons: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women Across the Ancient World. Yes! Those Amazons! They were real! This book is a bit more scholarly and so not the most compelling read, but it’s still really fascinating.

Oh! I almost forgot! I started another Instagram account, LittleGoldenNotebook, for inspirational quotes. I know, that sounds cheesy and probably like tons of other “inspirational quotes” quote account all over the interwebs. But these were all selected by me (and all have authors, which was important to me) to help me get through tough times right after I was diagnosed with type 2 bipolar disorder. I collected them and printed them on 3×5 cards to help a dear friend going through a rough patch, shared them with another friend, and then decided I should just share them with Everyone In The World. Here’s the quote for today, International Women’s Day:


Note that this is probably the most feminist quote I’ve posted to the account, though I sort of modify this in my head to apply to humans in general, you know? How can I really be free when anyone is enslaved or doesn’t have full human rights? I’m guessing Audre Lorde would agree with that, but women – especially minority women – have been long neglected and that’s more what she was driving at (though I’m not Audre Lorde or intersectional feminism scholar by any means). Anyway. I’m doing that too and would love to have more company!

LOL Friday: Woolverine

When I first came up with a blog schedule, Fridays were Follow Fridays, where I recommended someone to follow here on WordPress or elsewhere on social media. My Friday posts have been spotty, at best, and I have a Pinterest board of fiber art funnies that I’d love to share, so I give you Funny LOL Friday – I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

From Doug Savage’s Savage Chickens series of Useless Mutants, although even he admits this one is actually pretty useful

12/30 My Stash

30 Day Knitting Challenge Day 12: Where do you keep your stash? Post pictures!

I’ve been in denial: I really didn’t think my stash was this big (or this disorganized). I really need to sort and organize everything, and part with the yarn I don’t particularly like.

This is where I keep my stash officially, an armoire in The Yarn Office, the room formerly known as the formal living room.

Stash Armoire
Main Stash Armoire

I always think of my stash as being on the top shelf inside, but the bottom shelf has some yarn & FOs even though it’s taken up mostly by old journals and project bags and other stuff. The yarn and fiber bumps sitting on top of the armoire are my haul from MDS&W this year. And there is yarn in a few of the bags stuffed into the corner next to the armoire, yarn I was going to donate but then used to make a yarn ball wreath for my front door in 2010/2011. There are also 2 bolts of upholstery fabric tucked in there I’m never going to use – the sewing machine and I have a very tenuous relationship – and should donate.

Stash By Couch
Satellite Stash

My satellite stash is a basket next to my spot (my precious spot) on the couch and has yarn for current or upcoming projects. The big basket does have some FOs, but it’s about time for me to sort through this and return things to the mothership main stash.

Stash Yarn Office 2
Yarn Office Stash 2

The Yarn Office has another stash section. Two of these bins have batts that I’m selling in my etsy shop, also called The Yarn Office, one has leftover Knit Picks Comfy from a baby blanket projects my knitting group did, and another has sample skeins from a natural dye class I took in 2011, along with subsequent natural dye samples that I did on my own.

Stash Yarn Office 4
Yarn Office Spinning Wheel Stash

Here is the fiber basket stash that lives next to my wheel. The white fiber is targhee that I’ve had for 6 years now and the red is fiber I got in my knitting group’s Christmas exchange in 2011. There may be more hiding in the basket; I didn’t want to look.

Stash Yarn Office 3
Cecily’s Stash

This isn’t really my yarn – I’m just fostering it for a little while; it’s yarn my friend Cecily gave me when she was packing to move and realized she was never going to crochet. I think I need to pass this stuff on to someone else who would enjoy them more.

Stash Yarn Office 5
Handspun Stash

I almost forgot about this basket in The Yarn Office; it has most of my handspun, with some hand-dyed yarn & part of the commercially-knit sweater from which it was unraveled. I did that back in my thrifty/green yarn days, 2008-2009.

Stash Dining Room
Fiber Stash

Except for the fabric and notions in the two closest bins and the giant tub, this is all fiber that I’ve processed from raw fleece (or plan to process). Also, there’s is an alpaca fleece hiding in the corner that’s peeking out from between the bin towers. Shhh – don’t remind my husband.

And I almost forgot; I have two drawers in a dresser upstairs that have yarn in them, so I guess that makes them part of my stash.

Stash Drawer 1
Stash Drawer 1

Most of this is from before 2004. Note the vintage yarn label on that skein of Knit Picks from when they first started their own yarn line. Also, the purple is Valley Yarns Berkshire; I used it to make the sweater on the Fall 2007 cover of Interweave Knits but didn’t like the end result and have been doing various other things with it since then.

Stash Drawer 2
Stash Drawer 2

Most of this is from before 2004. The orange thing is a sweater my grandmother knit, but orange isn’t my color and I unraveled part of it because I needed orange for something else. The pink is 100% wool I ordered for making felted slippers in 2003ish. I got the Dale of Norway Baby Ull (the small white skein) for a fair isle hat I never made, although I did use all of the blue I got with it for something else. There’s a partially finished modular blanket made with long-retired yarn, the hat that’s my first attempt at colorwork that’s too small to fit all but the smallest of human babies, and the swatch from my first sweater in 2004.


I really need to sort through everything, organize, and donate/gift a lot of it. I hate not being organized, but when you live with 4 guys (well, now 3 since my oldest went to college), cleaning and organizing everything can be really frustrating – it seems like I’ll clean something, turn my back, one of them will wander by, and I turn back and boom: the clean thing is now dirty again. While it does occasionally bother me, they have taught me that there are more important things in life than having a clean, organized house.