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TBT: Morticia Addams

When you & your husband are relaxing and you start a fresh center pull ball but there’s yarn barf.  

Updated to add: apparently I’ve used this gif before but you know what? Morticia & Gomez are worth a double posting.


6 responses to “TBT: Morticia Addams”

  1. That’s hilarious and so true! 🙂

  2. What’s yarn barf? How can I be a knitter of over 10 years and know not what you speak of?

    1. When you pull from the center of the skein or yarn ball and the yarn is a bit tangled, so you have to pull harder and a slightly tangled small bunch comes out all at once. It’s usually easily untangled & you can carry on knitting. It happens a lot when you’re trying to find the end to get started and at the very beginning of the skein/ball.

      1. Oh! I know that thing. I just didn’t know it’s name!

        1. Ta da! Now you have a word for that thing! And since we’re talking about barf, lol, clown barf is usually a variegated yarn with lots of bright colors, but I’ve heard people call bright monochromes (e.g., neon pink) clown barf. I think that covers all the knitting barf, lol!

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