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Happy Halloween! Today I’m subsisting on 4 hours of sleep thanks to a last minute drive to take my oldest son back to college last night/early this morning. We had a great 3 hour talk on the way there, so all in all I don’t mind the drive or the lack of sleep. In honor of the holiday (and the lack of sleep), I’ll be eating lots of candy. This year, all of my kids are past trick-or-treating age (or so my 12 year old claims) so I think we’ll be going out to dinner, then to see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and we’ll keep the candy that I bought (which has dwindled down to 1 bag of 50 pieces, not enough to give a treat to every kid that comes to our door).

So: last week’s goals with progress indicated:

  • Clean up the spinning wheel & spin, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. For real this week.
  • Come up with some hat ideas to suggest to Henry, like making him a Jayne hat & more. Done. Still undecided.
  • Continue with the fronts of The Green Wood.
  • Last week I also decided on some of the hats I’m making for my furry crowd, so this week I’d like to finalize them and get started on at least one.
    • Eevee (kitty): Shark fin hat because she’s like a furry piranha but I don’t think I’m up to making a piranha (what would that even look like?) so shark fin it is.
    • Jeff (kitty): Mohawk? Unicorn?
    • Lily (small dog): Bunny ears.
    • Moose (big dog): Mohawk? Unicorn? (Clearly I’d like to make a mohawk hat and a unicorn hat for two of them.)

Here they are!


In addition to my to-do list, I also started some scale mail gloves for a friend of mine to give to her son. And o happy day: Saturday I sold an Owl Honeycomb Blanket Pattern on etsy, bringing October sales to 2 (someone else bought a Double Rainbow Scarf Pattern early in the month). Etsy is winning over Ravelry for pattern sales; hopefully some of these pattern buyers will be FO makers that also post their projects on Ravelry.

This week I plan to:

  • Clean up the spinning wheel & spin, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. For really real this week. (I’m not really sure why I’m procrastinating with this – I love spinning.)
  • Finish the second dragon scale mitt.
  • Create a custom listing in The Yarn Office so that my little etsy shop has some activity.
  • Research and price out crocheted dragon scale mitts for another friend, create a custom listing for her as well, get yarn, and get started making them.
  • Continue with the fronts of The Green Wood.

Are you curious about the scale mail mitts? I would be, if I were reading this instead of writing it. Here they are, details on Ravelry.

Done with one mitt, now onward to the second!


8 responses to “The Week”

    1. Thank you, love! <3

  1. PaperPuff Avatar

    Oh good, yes I was curious about the mitts. At first I was thinking of scale as in ‘size’, then thought again. But, is that made from a yarn of some kind? All the animal hats are genius, by the way!

    1. The mitts are knit, and the scales are attached while knitting. Here’s a progress picture that give you a little bit more of an idea of their construction and if you’re super duper curious, here’s a youtube video with a lot more info: Thank you for the compliment on the animal hats; I giggled while making them & while getting pictures of everyone in them.

      1. PaperPuff Avatar

        Wow! So effective. They must feel amazing to touch.

        1. They do! They have a pleasing weight and tinkle a little bit.

          1. PaperPuff Avatar

            Musical armour. Nice.

  2. Awesome! The furry crowd looks ready for Halloween. 🙂 The scale mail mits are so lovely.

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