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The Week April 10-16, 2017

Last week’s goals with progress indicated:

      • Knit 1 or more wedge of Aranami.
        Done. I knit 2 wedges and ended a row & color.
      • Cast on the fronts of Aspen.
        Done. I finished the ribbing and started the cabling. It’s going swimmingly!

I started the fronts for my Aspen cardi - hurray! . . . . #knitting #handknit #stickning #strikke #strikking #knittersofinstagram #tricot #knittersgonnaknit #knittinglove #tejar #knittingaddict #knitting_inspiration #knittinglove #knittersofravelry #yar

    • Go to TKD twice – once for practice, once for testing.
      Done. Practice was fine, and while I passed both belt tests (yellow & orange), I’m  not happy with how it went. I wasn’t prepared (by instructors) for part of the test, I should have practiced a few things more on my own (counting & basic movements), and nerves. Next time will be better.
    • Learn to count in Korean from 11-30 (I already know 1-10).
      Done but I need to practice all that I can so that I associate the words with a number rather than having the sequence memorized.
    • Add more pictures to Society 6 and let my FB people know.
      Done. There was a sale, too, so that gave me another reason to post.
    • Replace the blog link in Instagram with a link to Socitey 6. And since I’m on the subject, replace etsy shop link in @madgeface twitter account with link to this.
      I changed my mind about the Instagram link; I’m leaving it. But I do need to update twitter, still.
    • Write or work on a poem a day. I’m going to be doing separate posts for this; my apologies if poetry isn’t your thing. I have no expectation that anyone will read the poems but rather am posting for personal accountability.

This week:

  • Continue the fronts for Aspen.
  • Weave in some of the ends on Aranami & knit at least 1 new wedge.
  • Go to TKD belt ceremony on Saturday.
  • Replace the etsy shop link in @madgeface twitter account with link to this.
  • Write or work on a poem a day, continuing with separate posts. Thanks to everyone who’s read a poem or two!
  • Enjoy the beautiful spring weather. 
    Already done. 🙂



5 responses to “The Week April 10-16, 2017”

  1. PaperPuff Avatar

    My kind of list – where one item can be crossed off straight away!

    1. Maybe I should start doing that every week; I could do one thing Monday morning before I make the list so that I have some positive reinforcement to start the week out with! How Pavlovian!

      1. PaperPuff Avatar

        Almost all my lists are like that…..

        1. You are a wise woman!

          1. PaperPuff Avatar

            Can’t argue that…..

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