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The Week August 14-20

Last week:

  • Saturday morning I have an appointment to have a cracked tooth pulled and an implant started. This is my first extraction since having my wisdom teeth out years ago and I’m a little nervous, but I’m looking forward to not having a tooth that complains about cool breezes, much less hot or cold foods.
    Done – it wasn’t as bad as tooth-pulling nightmares, but it also wasn’t the most pleasant experience. I’m still not able to chew.
  • Brandon, my oldest, goes back to school on Friday, a day early because he volunteered to help the university/other students with move-in day. I think my husband is taking him & helping him move in, so I will have a day of quiet at home instead of spending 6 hours in the car.
    Done – we took care of all the last minute stuff and he’s all settled in.
  • Continue working on the summer top and/or Aranami.
    I ripped the summer top back to just below the bust so I can put waist shaping in and stretch the amount of yarn that I’ve got. I may still have to use another yarn for the ribbing in the collar, arms, and hem. Worked a little bit on Aranami.


  • Start spinning something new.
    Nope. This week, maybe.
  • Decide on a yarn for my Knit Together project square and start. I’ve pretty much decided on a stitch pattern and square construction, and I’m sure I’ll write about that, but I’m not sure that it’s going to be this week.
  • Continue with the new embroidery project during the day when the light is good.
    Finished. Here it is:


  • Go to TKD Tuesday & Thursday.
  • Start strength training again, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    Kind of done.

This week:

  • Start chewing soft food.
  • Get Ethan, middle son, ready to go to his first year of college 8/23.
  • Continue working on the summer top.
  • Start spinning something new.


2 responses to “The Week August 14-20”

  1. My list was enormous and included things like drive to Texas from Massachusetts in 3 1/2 days, buy an entire apartment full of furniture, shop for and set up a kitchen. Clean, and set up a patio, plant a little patio garden all done in 110° heat. This is for my youngest who is starting Grad School (aerospace engineering) and is only 21 yrs old. Still needs a lot of help in adulting. I’m totally exhausted but the happy thing is we sold our house so when I get done here I get to go home and pack up my house! Ack!

    1. Wow that’s a lot! You’ll get through it though, I’m sure – one thing at a time!

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