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The Week August 21-27

Last week:

    • Start chewing soft food.
      I ate Triscuits, my current food obsession, so I’m pretty much back to all-normal food. Hurray!
    • Get Ethan, middle son, ready to go to his first year of college 8/23.
      He’s not ready, physically packing-wise or mentally. We should have let him take a gap year – he’s not even 18 (his birthday is early September). But the show must go on, tuition has been paid.
    • Continue working on the summer top.
      I’m really unhappy with how it’s turning out and have put it in time out for the moment. I used the Flinders Sweater Vest pattern because a tank top is basically a vest and a vest is basically a tank top, but the neckline is way, way too low on me and four rows of 2×2 ribbing aren’t going to fix that. I don’t want to rip it all the way back to near the beginning again, but I also don’t want to continue with it, nor do I have another pattern I’d like to use. So into timeout it goes.


  • Start spinning something new.
    Nope. I spent potential spinning time on social media attempting to debate with people about what’s going on regarding Charlottesville, white nationalists, the state of the Presidency, etc. I don’t think I made a difference. I did use Resistbot every day to make my views known to my Senator, signed some petitions, and persuaded 2 friends that their viewpoint was wrong-headed because they hadn’t considered all the information. I don’t get out much, so social media is my social outlet a lot of the time. I also happen to live in one of the richest counties in the US, so even when I do get out, I’m very insulated from the problems.I did stumble upon something small that could help make a difference; Hearts for Cville is a project started by an LYS in Charlottesville to hang knit and crochet hearts around town to promote healing in the wake of the rallies and deaths that occurred on August 12. I think it’s a sweet idea, so I’ve already knit two hearts using leftover sock yarn. I also posted about it on FB and in my knitting groups offering to be a collection point for hearts if anyone wants to join in. I’d do the same for all of you except it makes more sense for you to send them directly to the LYS. All the details are in the About section of the Hearts for Cville FB page (linked above), including pattern & labeling suggestions.
My first, slightly wonky, stuffed heart for #HeartsforCville

This week:

  • Take Henry to load his locker on Tuesday, get him ready for the 1st day of school Thursday.
  • Help Ethan pack and move him in to JMU on Wednesday.
  • Work on Aranami/Imanara.
  • Make more hearts for Charlottesville.
  • Wrap & send Steph’s baby gifts. (Potential blog post.)
  • Write a post about my Knit Together Square and send it off to Melissa.
  • Set up lunch with Cecily & Rachelle. (Putting it here so I don’t forget.)


2 responses to “The Week August 21-27”

  1. Good luck with the college stuff. My daughter went off to college 10 years ago this month. (Wow it doesn’t seem that long ago.) She wasn’t ready, everything was scattered and disorganized and I was conflicted about her going. It was the best thing looking back. She met a great group of friends I know she’ll have for life. There was drama along the way but she eventually graduated and is a productive member of society now.

    1. Thank you – that’s very reassuring! I’m trying to keep my cool and not show Ethan most of what I’m feeling because I know a lot of it is just normal parental letting go and he’ll be fine. It’s an adventure, right?

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