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The Week August 28-September 3

Last week:

    • Take Henry to load his locker on Tuesday, get him ready for the 1st day of school Thursday.
      The first day of school went swimmingly.
    • Help Ethan pack and move him in to JMU on Wednesday.
      My husband ended up taking him (long story as to why, but Ethan managed to stir up some drama before leaving, unusual for him). His first day of classes is today. He really doesn’t want to be there, but I’m hoping he settles in and starts to like it.
    • Work on Aranami/Imanara.
      Finished another complete row of wedges.
    • Make more hearts for Charlottesville.
      I made a total of 6 and created my own heart pattern that will work for any yarn on any needles – it’s knit bottom up in the round with short rows and a grafted edge at the top of the hearts. It’s in tech edit with my good friend Becky right now. I plan to release it into the wild for free ASAP.
Hearts for Cville
All the hearts I made for Hearts for Cville. Laughing Sheep Yarns, a Charlottesville LYS, is collecting knit & crochet hearts to hang around town for anyone to take in an effort to promote healing. I wanted to get my hearts down there ASAP because of the March Against White Supremacy that’s starting there later this week and ending in DC September 8 (I think).
  • Wrap & send Steph’s baby gifts. (Potential blog post.)
    Done. I didn’t write a post about the goodies I sent, but I could. Maybe this week.
  • Write a post about my Knit Together Square and send it off to Melissa.
    It’s in the mail! I had a lot of packages to send today!
  • Set up lunch with Cecily & Rachelle. (Putting it here so I don’t forget.)

I also began spinning another bump of Spunky Eclectic fiber. The back of the label is worn away so I’m guessing that this is a merino-silk blend, 60/40. The colorway is Calypso and it’s dreamy to spin.

My #mdsw2017 haul: 2 skeins of @neighborhoodfiberco Studio Sock in Upton (to make a shawl using a rainbow yarn I got at #mdsw last year) Maple Sugar Candy from Justamere Tree Farm (hands down my favorite candy), fiber from @amyboogie/Spunky Eclectic (I'm
The fiber I started spinning is on the right – these are my Maryland Sheep & Wool 2017 goodies. Those maple sugar candies are long gone, but I wish I had some still.

In addition to that, I got started on my next embroidery project, The View from Mt. Peg. It’s the view from one of two small (very small) mountains in the Vermont town I grew up in up the valley to Killington peak. I got the embroidery floss before drawing the layers of mountains knowing I’d be limited somewhat by DMC colors. Also, I redrew the mountains from a better picture after I took this picture.

The View from Mt Peg
The Beginning of The View From Mt. Peg

This week:

  • Decide what’s next for Aranami/Imanara. The choices:
    1. Work the final row (different from regular rows) in the bright colored yarn. The final stripe would be 1/2 a row taller than all the other stripes.
    2. Work another stripe of the dull colored yarn, with the final row being part of the stripe. All stripes would be the same height, but the stripe sequence would be off by 1 – I started with the dull yarn but I like the bright yarn better and would prefer that to be at the top of the shawl.
    3. Work another stripe of the dull yarn followed by another stripe, with final row, of the bright yarn. Risk running out of yarn. Ripping back would be especially tedious and cumbersome since the shawl is knit in wedge modules.
This is basically where my Aranami shawl is (I named the project Inamara on Ravelry), just so there’s a visual along with the options.
  • Publish This Is My Heart, the heart pattern that I came up with for Hearts for Cville and write a blog post about the whole heart thing.
  • Begin actual embroidery work on The View from Mt. Peg.
  • Decide on the next knitting project, which will use either a rainbow variegated yarn from Marigoldjen that I got at MDSW 2016 and the black yarn I got from Neighborhood Fiber Company at MDSW 2017 or yarn that I got from The Fiberists at Shenandoah Fiber Festival 2017. Or I may re-knit or crochet Jeff’s cat cave, which is currently laying collapsed and unused in my family room.

I hope we have a good week, all of us!


8 responses to “The Week August 28-September 3”

  1. Wow you’ve been busy! The yarn is gorgeous and I loom forward to seeing your embroidery progress. Love the shawl too. Xx

    1. Thank you! It was a good week!

  2. shellssells Avatar

    I am feeling for Ethan, sounds like he’s taking the transition with a big of difficulty. Transition is so hard!

    1. Transition is really hard, especially because he’s not sure what he wants to do or if he even wants to be there.

      1. shellssells Avatar

        It’s that phase where as a parent you are all “Hey kiddo, you have to Do Something until you figure it out.” With a side dose of who ever really figures it out anyway?!?

        1. That’s exactly what I’ve said to him on multiple occasions! I told him to try it for a year and if he really hates it, come up with a plan B.

  3. tonymarkp Avatar

    So much stuff to do and so much knocked off the lists. I like the heart idea a lot!

    1. I had a really good week! The heart idea is great; I might actually make & send more.

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