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The Week Feb 21-26

Last week’s goals with progress indicated:

  • Finish 3 more sets of decreases on the arms for The Green Wood Cardigan (that’s knit 24 more rows) and measure to see if I need to knit more or can start the ribbing for the cuff. Not only did I do that, but I finished the sleeves altogether; on to seaming!
  • Make 2 more wedges in my Aranami shawl. Done.
  • Walk the dog once. (I was supposed to start walking him in December to help him strengthen muscles, which should help with his hip pain, but he’ll be 12 this year and we’re not in the habit of walking the dogs. I’ve been resisting starting because he’s terrible on the leash.) Done. We went too far though and his hips are really bothering him – he can’t get up stairs without help. Minimizing his stair use, upping one of his pain meds, and hoping for the best. Poor Moose.
  • Go to tae kwon do twice. (I don’t think I told you guys: I started tae kwon do. My husband is a black belt and my 3 boys are all 2nd degree black belts, and I finally started at the same school they go to after years of gentle pressure from the grand master. I feel great after I get there and class starts, it’s the getting there & before the start that I dread. I’m kind of a shut-in, as you may have surmised.) I went 4 times; a friend is doing it with me and her schedule was pretty open this week. Also, we tested and passed for our white belts on Friday. Hurray!

This week:

Because I’m really looking forward to spring thanks to the lovely warm weather we’ve been having, here’s a New Zealand fern to green up this President’s Day (aka Monday for non-US readers).



2 responses to “The Week Feb 21-26”

  1. PaperPuff Avatar

    So much achieved. I think you actually have Spring in your step! Sorry, can’t help myself….

    1. My ambition is definitely budding! 😉

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