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The Week July 17-July 23

Last week:

  • Begin knitting the commissioned shawl. One of the yarns has already arrived and I can get started on the first part of it before the second skein arrives.
    Done. The second skein arrived last Monday, so there was no lag time or head start at all. I’m roughly halfway through it, maybe a little bit more – it’s hard to tell because I’m working on the longest section, which will end with around 400 live stitches. Bonus: it’s garter stitch, so while knitting, I finished the book I was reading (The Solitudes by John Crowley, 6th time reading it) and started another (The Chemical Wedding by Christian Rosencreutz by Johan Velentin Andraeae in a new version by John Crowley – lots of authors & a complicated explanation for that).

    Commissioned Shawl Progress
  • Spin for Tour de Fleece every day.
    Done. I might even make it through this bump of Spunky Eclectic BFL and end up with a skein of yarn by the end of the Tour. Usually I spin much, much more and it’s hard to make myself spin and then, after I’ve gotten into it, rip myself away to work on the shawl. So it goes – I can always keep spinning long after the Tour has ended and the shawl is done.

    One of my favorite progress photos from TdF, which I’ve been posting daily on Instagram (I’m madgefaces there). I like this one because it shows both the roving and the singles really well.
  • Go to TKD even though I don’t want to, even though it’s going to be hot and the dojang doesn’t have AC, go even if Julia doesn’t go.
    I went Monday at 6:30 without Julia and Saturday morning, where we had a lovely time faux-hitting each other in one step sparring practice.
  • Drink at least 3 Nalgene bottles of water each day (32oz) so I can handle the heat and TKD.
    I didn’t keep track of this, but I also didn’t feel faint or ragingly thirsty at TKD or any other time for that matter, so I suppose my mission was accomplished.


This week:

  • Carry on with the commissioned shawl.
  • Spin for Tour de Fleece every day, even today, a rest day.
  • Go to TKD.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • KISS. (Keep it simple, stupid/silly.)


4 responses to “The Week July 17-July 23”

  1. OoOO TdF!! How’s it going? Your spindling looks amazing 🙂

    1. Thank you! It’s going slower than what I usually do for TdF but it looks like I’ll come out with a skein of handspun and that makes me happy.

  2. That shawl is OMG cool! I can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

    1. The shawl is a really fun knit! The shaping is pretty easy but also really elegant and I’m really happy with it so far. 17 more rows to go!

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