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The Week July 24-July 30

Last week:

  • Carry on with the commissioned shawl.
    I finished it and mailed it off this morning! I’m going to write a post just about the shawl for tomorrow, so keep an eye out if you’re a Wonder Woman fan.
  • Spin for Tour de Fleece every day, even today, a rest day.
    I’m calling this done even though I did end up taking a rest day last Wednesday. I finished the yarn I was spinning, which unexpectedly turned out 100% more purple than I anticipated, which is pretty neat!
Spunky Eclectic bump and the yarn I spun from it, side by side. I did not anticipate so much purple; it’s magical!
(Well, optical blending, which is still magical.)
  • Go to TKD.
    I went Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Pre-testing is coming up!
  • Stay hydrated.
  • KISS. (Keep it simple, stupid/silly.)

I also picked up Aranami and my embroidery again after I finished Wonder Woman on Saturday.

This week:

  • Carry on with Aranami.
  • Consider casting on for another summer top using the yarn I adopted from Vanessa at Wednesday knitting.
  • Carry on with daytime embroidery; my lighting isn’t bright enough to do it enjoyably at night.
  • Finish spinning the last batt for TdF.
  • Go to TKD.
  • In my quest to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life now that the boys are older and 2/3 of them are partially out of the nest, look into what Loudoun Arts Council requires to apply to be in the Arts in the Village Gallery and actually visit the gallery to see what it’s like & if any of my stuff would fit in.


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