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The Week July 3-July 9

Last week:

      • Pick up Aranami (which I did knit on over the weekend) and knit more wedges.
        I finished the row I was working on and wove in all the ends from the row before (I’m spit splicing ends and using them to pick up stitches for new wedges where I can to save on weaving in).
      • Continue the fox embroidery project.
        I’m almost done with the pinks; I have another quadrant of the pillow to embroider with them.
      • Go to TKD at least once.
        I went twice. The second one was a doozy.
      • Suck it up and do the Strength Training workout.
        There was no sucking up and no workout.
      • Pick out a spinning project and spindle to kick off Tour de Fleece (July 1-23).
        Done. I’ve spun every day! (It’s only been 2 days, but I’ll take those victories where I earn them anyway.)

    TdF 2017 day 2
    Spunky Eclectic BFL in the Ballroom Dancing colorway from MDS&W 2016 on my favorite spindle.
  • Set goals for TdF. I know I want to spin every day, but I need to look at my fiber stash (and those fleeces I still have) and set more goals than just that. Or maybe less is more? Some pondering is in order.
    Less is more; spinning every day is the one and only goal.
  • I’m taking a road trip to Norfolk, VA Friday-Sunday;
    It was a lovely trip! Saturday we did our usual walk around Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood; Local Heroes – the comic book shop, Stella’s – a great café, Baa Baa Sheep – the yarn store, a new used book store, then Toast for dinner.

This week:

  • Carry on with Aranami/Imanara. (I give all of my Ravelry projects names that sometimes are a nod to the pattern name, sometimes not. In this case Imanara is Aranami backwards.)
  • Finish the pinks in the Fox Embroidery project.
  • Spin for Tour de Fleece every day.
  • Go to TKD once or more.
  • Get the house ready & grocery shop for the return of my family from S. Korea. They’re on a trip with the TKD school, which my middle and youngest started 2 weeks early so they could train with the Koreans. It appears to have paid off; Henry (my youngest) won his division in a jumping front kick competition and won his division in sparring!
Jumping Front Kick Competition
On the Podium for Sparring


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