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The Week July 31-August 6

Last week:

  • Carry on with Aranami.
    Done. I even tried doing the last row pattern, which is short rows, on one wedge to make sure it will work with the stripes I’m doing. I’m either on the next to last row or I’ve got this row + 5 more to do – I haven’t decided yet.
  • Consider casting on for another summer top using the yarn I adopted from Vanessa at Wednesday knitting.
    Yes, I considered it and decided that now isn’t the right time. I decided to focus more on spinning & embroidery, with Aranami as my faithful knitting project.
  • Carry on with daytime embroidery; my lighting isn’t bright enough to do it enjoyably at night.
    I started the greens & blues in the design, the last remaining colors. I really wish this was done already so I could move on to doing my own freehand stuff. I did order 6″ and 8″ wooden embroidery hoops in anticipation of the fox pillow being done and being free to do what I like.
  • Finish spinning the last batt for TdF.
    Done. I also started on a blue green cormo batt that was in my etsy shop and am already more than halfway through it. The two TdF batts were less than an ounce each, but the blue green was over 3 ounces, so it seems like it’s taking forever.
last of the TdF yarn
My last Tour de Fleece skein (left)
with a bonus skein (right). Both are under 1 oz of fingering weight that will probably become a hat.
  • Go to TKD.
    Once, but I passed my orange belt pre-test. Testing is this Thursday-Friday.
  • In my quest to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life now that the boys are older and 2/3 of them are partially out of the nest, look into what Loudoun Arts Council requires to apply to be in the Arts in the Village Gallery and actually visit the gallery to see what it’s like & if any of my stuff would fit in.
    I’d have to join LAC ($35/year), submit an application (with Artist Statement, something I hadn’t considered) & fee ($25). So there, I did most of this – I did talk with someone at my Wednesday knitting group who’s been to the gallery; she was very encouraging and excited at the prospect of me doing this.

Also, the woman who commissioned the Wonder Woman Wrap received it and absolutely loves it! She was sweet and gave me/The Yarn Office a boost on social media also. I’m so glad she likes it! What a relief!

This week:

    • Carry on with Aranami.
    • Embroidery: finish the top half of the fox pillow design.
Fox Embroidery
The fox pillow embroidery project, design by Sublime Stitching
  • Spinning: carry on.
  • Go to TKD at least once to practice before testing, go Thurs or Fri to test. Practice form right before test to warm up.
  • Go to the gallery. Take Ky or Becky, but go.
  • Decide on next step for gallery/artist thing and stuff down all that doubt.


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