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The Week June 26-July 2

Hoo boy – I skipped a week last week after getting back from a really good trip home to Vermont, but rest assured I was still knitting. I even finally stopped at Webs but timed it badly – I arrived 10 minutes after they closed. I also realized that I drive past Green Mountain Spinnery every time I go home and yet have never stopped there either. Perhaps I will remedy both when I go home again for my Mom’s 70th birthday in August.

My to-do list from 6/13 with progress indicated:

  • Finish the front of Summer Lovin’ and get to at least finishing the armhole decreases on the back.
    I finished it and have worn it. Project details are on Ravelry, but here’s a picture of it with me in it:

    Summer Lovin’ (aka Petrie from Knitty Spring + Summer 2011)
  • Go to TKD once.
    I didn’t go the week of the 13th – my buddy Julia was at the beach and I got lazy, but I did go last week.
  • Crack open Strength Training for Fat Loss and make a plan to lift weights and lose some fat.
    I made the plan. I even got out the notebook I record my workouts in and wrote it in there, but that’s as far as I went – I didn’t actually do the workout last week. I’m looking forward to the meat of the workout (Lifting! Yay!) but dreading the warm up. (Squats and bodyweight stuff. Boo.) I know it won’t be so bad if I actually just do it – the warm up is only 10 minutes of my life; I can spare 10 minutes to do something I’m not overly fond of but that will feel good once I’m done.
  • Drive to my Mom’s (near Hanover, NH), stay a day or two, go to my nephew’s graduation party (near Lake George, NY), stay & hike with my brother (Manchester, VT). Maybe plan the drive to include a stop at Webs.
    All done, including an adventure over the Tappen Zee – I can’t cross that bridge without taking a wrong turn after – and a side trip with my brother to Rehoboth, MA to visit my Dad’s grave for Father’s Day and the drive home. The visit with my Mom was good, I had lunch with my favorite Aunt, saw my cousin, celebrated with my nephew, and got to hang out with my Mom and brother. A good trip! I haven’t been home on my own without my husband and kids in years, so that part was a little odd.

Okay: this week. The plan is:

  • Pick up Aranami (which I did knit on over the weekend) and knit more wedges.
  • Continue the fox embroidery project. What? I didn’t tell you guys about that, did I? I got a a kit from Sublime Stitching with this foxy pillow cover a while ago and have been relearning embroidery. I started it in early May and have been working on it off and on. To be honest, I’d rather do my own thing, make up my own design and generally just fool around with stitches and floss, but I love foxes and thought this would be a more disciplined way to relearn (and learn) stitches. I’m trying to use all the colors that I don’t really like first while saving the best for last (blues and greens). Yesterday I finished embroidering the second fox, the acorns, and started more of the pink hearts.
    In-progress Fox Embroidery


  • Go to TKD at least once.
  • Suck it up and do the Strength Training workout.
  • Pick out a spinning project and spindle to kick off Tour de Fleece (July 1-23). I’m spinning on Team Fibernate and Solitude Yarn since my knitting group hasn’t organized a TdF team in a few years now. I should also probably
  • Set goals for TdF. I know I want to spin every day, but I need to look at my fiber stash (and those fleeces I still have) and set more goals than just that. Or maybe less is more? Some pondering is in order.
  • I’m taking a road trip to Norfolk, VA Friday-Sunday; Becky and I are visiting Stephanie, who I missed here in NOVA when she came up the weekend before last because I was in Vermont. The three of us all met at our knitting group and have remained really good friends through the waning of the group. An added connection: Stephanie and I are from the same area, the Upper Valley – one of the Connecticut River valleys that spans Vermont (where I grew up) and New Hampshire (where Stephanie grew up), it’s roughly the area surrounding Dartmouth College.

I also need to apologize: I’m really behind in reading blogs (but caught up everywhere else on the interwebs – twitter, FB, IG). I’m sorry I haven’t been reading and commenting; please forgive me. I’ll get back to it again soon. In the mean time, I hope all is well and that you have a great week!


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  1. Your embroidery is so cool. I love foxes–we have one out in NY that roams our land and I hear him (or her) at night very often–what does the fox say? Turns out to be quite a lot!

    1. We have foxes here in suburban DC/the edge of Virginia’s Hunt Country. The first time I heard one screeching I thought the neighbors were having a terrible fight. I love foxes too; the mascot of the roller derby team I skated on was a fox.

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