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The Week June 5-11, 2017

The week before last week’s goals with progress indicated:

  • Finish (sans blocking), wear, and photograph Aspen again. Update Ravelry project notes again.
    Done! Pictures with me in it (a rarity) at the end of this post.
  • Look at and maybe choose patterns for a summer top to get started on.
    Done! I’m making Petrie by Beautia Dew from Knitty Spring & Summer 2010. Details (not many yet) are on my Sumer Lovin’ Ravelry project page.
  • Work on Aranami (knit at least 1 new wedge) OR spin more.
    I knit lots of wedges in 2 weeks. I finished another row and started the last row of one of the colors.
  • Go to TKD once or walk on the treadmill.
    Nope. I’ve been a lazy bum. Maybe this week.
  • Ethan’s graduation party planning: remind Ky to order the pig.
    Reminded, but still unsure if he actually ordered it or not. I have a back up meat plan but need to find out this week (party’s on Saturday!) if I need to put it into action.
  • Super clean kitchen, vacuum Thursday, clean bathrooms Friday for Melanie’s visit.
    Done. Now I need to do it again this week for party visitors.

This week:

  • Carry on with Petrie/Summer Lovin’.
  • Go to TKD once or walk on the treadmill.

A light week because of everything going on – Ethan (my middle son) graduates from High School Sunday and we’re having a party for him on Saturday. Then he and Henry (my youngest) are going to South Korea for tae kwon do training, coming home July 8. Ky (my husband) is flying out with the other TKD parents June 28 to join them. Also, Henry turns 13 June 29. So there’s going to be lots and lots of activity and then it’ll dwindle down to nothing. Anyway, I also need to:

  • Shop for Ethan’s party (drinks, buns, plates, decorations).
  • Find out if I have to put my contingency meat plan into action.
  • Find out when everyone is arriving (and departing) & get rooms ready.
  • Clean the porch.
  • Make sure Ethan & Henry pack properly for S. Korea.
  • Friday app’ts: Jeff to vet, Ethan to doctor for college physical.
  • Sunday: departures & Ethan’s graduation.
  • Find out when my therapy appointment is next week so I can plan to leave early (or not) for Ben’s graduation party (my nephew, a year older than Ethan, is also graduating this year in upstate NY).
  • See Wonder Woman. (Priorities!)

Okay. My finished Aspen pictures! First, the modifications I made:
– Overall shorter length (by 8-10″)
– No belt loops or belt
– No pockets
– Shorter sleeves for shorter fold-over cuffs (I meant to eliminate the fold over but they’re too long for that)
– Neckline/collar about 2″ higher

Owl Creek
Aspen blocking & drying under Eevee, who thinks this should be a permanent cat hammock


Owl Creek
Aspen from the front on yours truly
Owl Creek
Aspend from the back


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