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The Week March 13-19, 2017

Last week’s goals with progress indicated:

  • Knit 3 more wedges of my Aranami shawl.
    Done. Easy peasy.
  • Recreate the charts for Aspen so they’re all in one chart, not a handful of charts with different row counts, which is too much for me to keep track of. Plus for some reason I really enjoy lining boxes up on a grid in Adobe Illustrator so this will be fun for me.
    I started but didn’t finish doing this but I’m marking it done anyway. The resulting chart would’ve been waaaaay too unwieldy, so I’m sucking it up and following 3 charts at once for the sleeves. The back & fronts are going to be interesting because I think there are 5 charts to follow.
  • Go to TKD twice and find more patience for myself and the instructor. (Expecting myself to have mastery of something I’ve practiced once is unreasonable and expecting the instructor to know where I am & what I need by reading my mind is also unreasonable. Maybe my goal should be more about expectations than patience. Or both. Hmm.)
    I almost went 3 times but that ended up not working out. Maybe this week. And my patience level was better.
  • Add more photos to Society6 and ruminate on it more.
    I’m certainly good at ruminating.

In addition, I:

  • Mailed off another order for The Yarn Office. The secret to etsy success appears to be abandoning all hope and then orders will start coming in. Maybe.
  • Downloaded Duolingo and started learning German. And then I tested for Spanish because why not? So I’m learning German & Spanish to add to my French (half of my double major in college).

This week:

    • Knit 3 more wedges of Aranami. Here’s a new picture of it, just for kicks:


    • Continue with Aranami sleeves. Here’s a progress picture with my unwitting feline model, Jeff[rey Lebowski, the Dude]:

Owl Creek, Aspen

  • Go to TKD twice.
  • Keep learning how to spreche Deutsch and hablas Español and not get anything mixed up with le Français. Or Franglais.


11 responses to “The Week March 13-19, 2017”

  1. How have I missed the Yarn Office (what a great name, btw!); I love your space over on Etsy! And, as you know, I adore your lists. Well done on your progress!

    1. Thank you for the list love – it’s very encouraging! And the Yarn Office … one of my boys started calling my office that after I took over our formal living room (and TBH, the dining room) with my desk & fiber stuff. 🙂

  2. PaperPuff Avatar

    The knitting looks wonderful! Good luck with German – that was a language too far for me!

    1. I’ve just gotten annoyed by only knowing only a few phrases, including “Ich bin ein Berliner!” thanks to JFK. 🙂

      1. PaperPuff Avatar

        Yeah, not the most useful sentence. I remember the word for cake…..

        1. Now *that’s* useful! I need to learn “I’ll have cake please!” in every language!

  3. Ich spreche kein Deutsch (hopefully that’s right?) served me quite well when I was in Germany. I still remember all the bad words too… lol Spanish is my second language, but I hope some day to learn German for real.

    1. It’s close enough for me! I need to learn more naughty words – I know one because a co-worker used it all the time instead of swearing in English.

      1. haha – the first words to learn in any language, right?! 🙂

  4. That intricate work is amazing especially in the dark grey, so hard to do unless there’s lots of light. Just beautiful

    1. Thank you! Cables are fun to do, kind of addictive. 🙂

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