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The Week May 15-21, 2017

Last week’s goals with progress indicated:

  • Continue up Aspen‘s back.
    The back is finished. The collar is finished. I’m in the middle of seaming – I have to set in the 2nd sleeve, sew the side seams, and sew the buttons on. If I can get it done today I’ll be able to wear it tonight before the weather heats up tomorrow for the rest of the week.
  • Work on Aranami (knit at least 1 new wedge) OR spin more (crucial since I got more fiber at MDS&W but still have all the fiber from last year).
    I finished 2 more wedges of Aranami – it’s my Wednesday meet-up project.
  • Embroider more.
  • Go to TKD once.
    Nope! I don’t want to get ahead of the friend I’m doing TKD with and she’s having surgery this week, so I walked twice on the treadmill to get up and moving.
  • Write post about MDS&W to replace one of my regular days.
    Not exactly – I didn’t have to write anything because I chose Wordless Wednesday as the easy post to replace.
  • Start planning Ethan’s graduation party before it’s June and I haven’t done anything.
    Guest list set, evites sent.

This week:

  • Finish (sans blocking), wear, and photograph Aspen. Update Ravelry project notes.
  • Look at and maybe choose patterns for a summer top to get started on.
  • Work on Aranami (knit at least 1 new wedge) OR spin more.
  • Go to TKD once or walk on the treadmill.

I’ve been trying to keep this list fiber-related, but I’ve started to slip a little with using my bullet journal to track everything else (as in: I’m not really using it for planning at this point). In that spirit:

  • Ethan’s graduation party planning: order food from Wegmans, pig from that place in Alexandria or Arlington or wherever the pig place is.
  • Make college physical appointment for Ethan for the 1st week in June.
  • Start cleaning for Melanie’s visit Memorial Day Weekend.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the sweetest kitten ever. I have friends that are kitty fosters for a few different local rescues. They currently have a mama (Irelyn) and her 6 week old babies. The gave the kittens Celtic names in keeping with Mama’s (misspelled) name, so this is Pucka, who fell asleep in my arms during my second visit. I’m smitten with this kitten.

Kitten time again and we tuckered poor Pucka so much that she zonked out in my arms. I'm never leaving The Cat-House! #cats #catsofig #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catsoftheworld #kittens #kittensofinstagram #kitten #blackcat #puckaCat


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  1. Aww…such a sweet kitten! And I love her name 🙂

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