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The Week Nov 21 – Nov 27

Last week’s goals with progress indicated:

      • Make recommended changes to the pattern for the Gir hat & scarf, including (reluctantly) instructions for using DPNs.
      • Figure out how to organize test knits for both, including what expectations to set.

I don’t know why I have a procrastination block with these two things, but I do. Maybe I should break them down into smaller tasks.

      • Finish Henry’s hat & attach scales after the fact, if at all; it’ll be easier to scatter them on the finished hat than to scatter as I knit.
Henry's finished hat
Henry’s finished hat. I need to get a picture of him wearing it.
    • Keep working on the fronts for the Green Wood Cardi. I had to rip back a section of 6 stitches in the button band and add a button hole because I wasn’t paying attention & knit 1/2″ past where the buttonhole should’ve been.
    • Add another custom knit listing to The Yarn Office. Added a custom knit listing for the Infinite Wave Cowl.
    • Start getting the house ready for the onslaught of people coming for Thanksgiving, which means cleaning. Ugh. I can’t take credit for all the cleaning; Ky & the boys pitched in, too.

I also:

  • Delivered the Scale Mail Mitts to the friend who commissioned them (and had lunch at a new soup & salad & sandwich place). She gave them to her son for his 16th birthday and he loves them! Hurray!
  • Tweeted the new shop listings from @TheYarnOffice with appropriate hashtags & all, but need to do more to promote the shop and/or my patterns on Ravelry. Maybe belated test knits for some already published patterns? And regular (but not spammy) tweets? I should really read the Tara Swiger book on marketing that’s sitting in my to-be-read pile.

This week I will:

  • Make the edits on the Gir hat pattern and consider whether to add DPN instructions or to generalize them so they work for circulars or DPNs.
  • Investigate other people’s calls for test knits and gather ideas for my own request template.
  • Eat lots of turkey & stuffing & pumpkin pie, wash lots of dishes & sheets (at least 6 in-laws are visiting for Thanksgiving), stay out of any turkey-related arguments (there’s always at least one).
  • Relish spending time with my family; my husband, who flies to another state for work, is working from home this week and my oldest son is home from college, which means I have a bonus!daughter (his girlfriend; they’re inseparable).


7 responses to “The Week Nov 21 – Nov 27”

  1. What a splendid hat!

  2. Have a wonderful time this week, it sounds like you’ll be busy! 😊

    1. Thank you! I’ll be busy but it’ll be good to have a full house!

  3. PaperPuff Avatar

    The hat is great. Turkey-related arguments sound like a no win thing. Retreat is definitely the sensible option…

    1. Turkey arguments are a matter of opinion and my SIL always has to give hers, which opens the door for my FIL to say something (usually something everyone thinks is ridiculous), then my MIL has to tell him how ridiculous it is, and my husband chimes in to defend his turkey choices, and it basically goes on from there. Now that I’m familiar with the whole thing, it’s almost entertaining. Thanks for the hat compliment! Now to get a picture of Henry in it …

  4. OliviaKnits Avatar

    Beautiful colors, love the extra touch!

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