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The Week Nov 28 – Dec 4

Last week’s goals with progress indicated:

  • Make recommended changes to the pattern for the Gir hat & scarf, including (reluctantly) instructions for using DPNs.
  • Figure out how to organize test knits for both, including what expectations to set.
  • Finish Henry’s hat & attach scales after the fact, if at all; it’ll be easier to scatter them on the finished hat than to scatter as I knit.
  • Keep working on the fronts for the Green Wood Cardi.
  • Add another custom knit listing to The Yarn Office. Added the Infinite Wave Cowl.
  • Start getting the house ready for the onslaught of people coming for Thanksgiving, which means cleaning. Ugh.  Edited to add: Thanksgiving was lovely. There were at least 5 dinner-/cooking-related arguments, but no big blow-ups (which has happened in previous years). It was really good to see all of my in-laws and Enzo, the widowed Jack Russel Terrier boyfriend of our dog Jacey; she died last June (2105) and he still looks for her when he makes the trip.

I also:

    • Participated in my first in-person event for The Yarn Office; a small business Saturday promotion at the tae kwon do school my kids & husband go to. I didn’t sell anything, but did hand out a few business cards that I created & printed on Wednesday, when I committed to doing the event.
Jeff is helping me get ready
Getting organized for the first public appearance of The Yarn Office, note my helper’s furry legs in the top center of the photo
  • Edited to add: I almost forgot! I did get a custom order for a hat from Master John, the 2nd biggest cheese at the tae kwon do school. I need to remember to send him email with info on how to create a custom etsy order.
  • Got a lot of requests and referrals on Facebook as a result of posting about the small business Saturday event. People have asked if I could make: crocheted slippers using flip flops as a base, crocheted cat butt coasters, crocheted owl hat for a child. I see 100% more crochet in my future.
  • Priced out some finished knits that aren’t in my etsy shop for the small biz Saturday event, all items knit using not-my-patterns, which I’ve hesitated to sell before, but I might just throw caution to the wind and list them.
  • Spent 6 hours in the car yesterday driving my son back to school. Luckily I was passenger, so I finished off a Chunky Herringbone Infinity Scarf I started on Friday (I needed something easy to pick up & put down to work on Saturday). Well, finished except for grafting/3 needle bind off. And I got in 8 more rows on the fronts of my Green Wood Cardi.

This week:

  • Make recommended changes to the pattern for the Gir hat & scarf, including (reluctantly) instructions for using DPNs.
  • Figure out how to organize test knits for both, including what expectations to set.
  • Add another pattern as a custom knit to The Yarn Office.
  • Start keeping track of things people ask me if I can make. Evaluate whether or not I can or want to make them, possibly add to etsy. (Cat butt coasters aren’t exactly keeping with the vibe I’ve got going on in the shop, but if I like making them and they sell, why not?)
  • Finish the Chunky Herringbone Infinity Scarf and start a listing for it in the shop.
  • Start etsy listings for the FOs I took to the event on Saturday.
  • Edited to Add: Text Al to get Master John’s email addy. Email him the info for requesting a custom order from TYO and ask him to send the pics he showed me.
The Yarn Office *in the flesh*!!!
The Yarn Office! If I’m going to do more of these, I need a sign or a banner. Also, the round table wasn’t my choice – that’s what they provided, though I think it worked out pretty well.


6 responses to “The Week Nov 28 – Dec 4”

  1. Another busy week for you! 😊

    1. I’ve been trying to stay busy so I don’t feel like I’ve done nothing all week, and keeping track of it here has been really helpful in overcoming procrastination (despite rolling over some things on the list).

  2. PaperPuff Avatar

    An order, and the possibility of more. How exciting!!

    1. Yes – thank you – it is exciting!

  3. Wow, you are ambitious. I too love “Car-Knitting”

    1. I need to tone down the ambition and adjust to attainable goals, not everything that needs to be (or could be) done. 😛

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