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The Week September 18-24

Last week:

  • Weave in the ends of Aranami/Imanara (there are lots even though I’ve been weaving in as I go), and wash & block, then sniff & squish.
    All done!
  • Choose and start a new knitting project. Will it be a blanket to give away or will it be a shawl to keep? I have ideas and yarn for both.
    Done. I’m knitting a blanket of my own design (nothing fancy, really) for the Welcome Blanket Project (HT to Shirley for making me aware of this project!).
Welcome Blanket Project blanket. Guess how many rows are purled! 😉
  • Carry on embroidering The View From Mt. Peg. It’s ready for all the background mountains and the sky. It occurred to me that I could use the gray background color for clouds, so there’s that.
    I think it’s done without the sky, maybe. I queried the always helpful and funny Mildly Offensive Fiber Arts group on FB for advice about pricing because I have an old friend inquiring about it or a similar commission piece. I gathered my thoughts, made my calculations and came up with a reasonable-to-me-for-the-situation price and am just waiting to hear back from the old friend.
  • Decide on fiber to prep for Spinzilla, if any, and get started while trying not to spin all the braids I’ve got. I have clean, undyed locks I can dye & card or just card, but I also have some alpaca fleeces that need to be washed that would be a joy to spin if I ever actually get around to doing that.
    Instead, I started spinning a braid of fiber from Pigeon Roof Studios. I should do a test spin of those locks and wash that alpaca fleece, but this seemed much more fun.
The braid of Pigeon Roof Studios fiber I started spinning – these aren’t my usual colors.
  • Plan the weekend: Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival is this weekend, so is parents weekend at both my sons’ schools. We’re going to skip it and take Ethan (who’s at JMU in Harrisonburg, VA) hiking on Sunday in the Shenandoah National Park instead. That leaves Saturday for SVFF, except some of my roller derby friends are getting together and I haven’t seen a lot of them for a few years. I have conflicts.
    We visited Ethan this past Sunday, which opens up my Sunday. All other plans are settled.
  • Try to sleep Wednesday night after seeing IT at the Alamo with Becky. Avoid clowns.
    No problemo! It was startling in a few spots, but I realized it’s most like Stand By Me but with a scary clown demon instead of a dead body. Also, there’s a kick-ass girl, but the groups of kids is as close as the group of boys in Stand By Me. Can’t wait for Chapter 2, may need to re-read the book or start reading King again in general.

This week:

  • Take fancy final project photos of Inamara, which involves getting Mr. Q & his photog skills. Use his camera this time, not my phone.
  • Continue working on the new blanket.
  • Continue spinning the braid of Pigeon Roof Studios fiber.
  • Start a new embroidery project.
  • Hopefully hear back from my friend and decide what to do with The View From Mt. Peg.

    The View From Mt. Peg, probably in its near-final form. 
  • Saturday: meet Becky & her daughter Mia at Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival. From there, go to friend gathering in Martinsburg, WV. Sunday is free, so maybe I can get Ky to go to the Leesburg Fine Arts Festival (day 2) to poke around and maybe make some connections in this local artist world I’m trying to be more active in.
  • Some sad news: Moose, our 12 year old big black dog, hasn’t been doing well and so we have an appointment on Thursday to ease his pain and help him across the Rainbow Bridge. He will be dearly missed by us all, but it’s time – he’s having problems just getting up from lying down, along with having problems with the stairs to the back yard and some so far minor potty problems. We’re treating him like a king this week.
Moosie posing nicely for the camera. He’s a beautiful, smart dog
Moose asking if it’s time for dinner yet


10 responses to “The Week September 18-24”

  1. I’m so happy to hear about the blanket, Mandy, and thanks for the shout out. You’ve designed such a beautiful pattern! My eyes love those garter rows and the colours – I’ll be sure to look out for your blanket at the exhibit in the coming time! And I’m so sorry to hear that Moose has been having a harder time recently. He is a beautiful, beautiful dog. Big hugs, Mandy. <3

    1. Thank you for the hugs; I’ll pass them along to Moosipher along with a belly rub. The blanket is really fun and addicting to knit – 3 rows of garter stitch is a snap to get done and then it’s fun to pick out and knit a color, and then why not knit a few more rows of garter? I should finish the knitting this week. 🙂

  2. I hope your list works out! Sorry to hear about Moose:(

    1. Thank you! He’s been such a good dog, and he’s still in great spirits, but it’s time to do something now before he gets much worse.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that your beloved Moose is struggling. Poor boy. You will miss him greatly but he’s been a lucky boy to have had the love and care from his human family. There will be so many lovely memories. Our wee Bertie is getting old and arthritic now. I’ll be thinking of you xxxx

  4. How did I miss the Welcome Blanket Project!? I love it! Thanks to you and Shirley for the notice 🙂 Not sure if I’ll get to it, but I can at least podcast about it! And your Moose is such a cutie!

    1. That’s exactly how I felt – how did I miss that?!? The deadline is Nov 4, so there may still be time for you to work it in (or not; I can only imagine how busy you are).

  5. Ohhhhhh, I’m so sorry about Moose… He looks like a such a sweet guy. Hope you’re all doing OK. Your embroidery piece has turned out beautifully, by the way!

    1. Thank you for the condolences – he was a great dog & we miss him, but we’re all glad he’s at peace now. And thank you for the embroidery compliment! I had fun with it & need to start another after Spinzilla is over.

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