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While I was knitting … November 15 edition

This week, I watched all of The Crown while I was knitting. I didn’t mean to watch it all in one week, but once I got started I couldn’t stop. It’s a Netflix series and Netflix makes it very easy to binge watch, even with the “Are you still watching?” query every 3 hours or so. Claire Foy is the newly married Queen Elizabeth II and the series is supposed to follow her story to the present day, though the last episode of the first season is set in 1955ish. Standout performances for me, in addition to Claire Foy, are John Lithgow playing Winston Churchill and Jared Harris as King George VI. And I suppose Matt Smith playing Philip, but I have to say: what a jerk he was, which is probably part of the point – it took him a while to “settle down” as they say. Good news for me (and you): Netflix has ordered a second season and rehearsals have begun. Until then, I should probably watch it all again to pick up all the things I’m sure I missed in the first go.

Yesterday afternoon, I took myself to the movies for a 12:40 showing of Dr. Strange. I went to the Alamo Drafthouse, which has reserved seating with tables (really it’s a long counter) and full service, including a bar (that I don’t take advantage of) and full meals. I got coffee and fresh baked (warm!) chocolate chip cookies. The pre-show is tailored for each movie and unique to the Alamo; the pre-show for Dr. Strange had trivia, clips from other productions of the story (live action and cartoon), and more. Another great thing: they have very subtle downlighting under the tables, so that makes it easy to knit during the movie. I took Henry’s hat with me and knit about 3 inches of it in the dark.

The greatest thing of all about the Alamo: they don’t tolerate talking, texting, cell phones at all; you write your food order or your complaint about the noisy people in the next row on a sheet of paper (pen & paper provided), stick it in this slot in the table/counter so it sticks up so the waiter can see it, and voila: your wish is their command. If you make a noise complaint, the manager will boot out the offending party without a warning. Or that’s the threat anyway – I have yet to witness anyone being thrown out and everyone has been blessedly quiet, unlike most of the other local theaters.

The movie itself was good but unsurprising for the genre. Benedict Cumberbatch has an American accent, and it’s very good, but I’m used to hearing his British accent so that was kind of a let down. He’s still pretty great as an egotistical neurosurgeon turned sorcerer/dimension manipulator. Tilda Swinton is in it as well, and the main reason I wanted to see the movie – she generally chooses interesting projects to work on. And she got to keep her accent. Other standouts: Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo, the eye makeup on Kaecilius and his buddies, the special effects (reminiscent of Inception and Dark City), and the sassy, snappy cape cloak.

Henry's Hat
Progress on Henry’s hat 


17 responses to “While I was knitting … November 15 edition”

  1. I also binged on the Crown this week! I was trying to limit myself to one episode a day to make it last longer, but Sunday I gave in and watched the last four back to back! I was literally yelling at Philip in almost every scene he was in. Such a jerk! Loved the series and can’t wait for Season 2!

    Also–those cables…. swoon!

    1. I didn’t yell at the TV, but more than once I did say “Oh come on, man!” It’s almost enough to turn me off of Matt Smith, but really it just means that he’s a great actor. Still, I may need to go back and rewatch some Dr. Who to restore my faith. I also got upset with Margaret a few times – I don’t think they did a great job portraying her reaction to the Queen’s reactions to her affair with Peter, they made Margaret look kind of spoiled and not really cognizant of her sister’s predicament at all. From what I read, it went down a little bit differently.

      1. Agreed on all counts! Yelling is perhaps a slight exaggeration .. but with Philip, I just kept wanting to ask him: what do you expect, you married the woman in line for the throne! And agree 100% about Margaret — it did seem they beefed up the drama at the expense of what actually happened. Claire Foy is just fabulous. She does a fantastic job of conveying the difficulty of being at once powerless and the symbol of something very powerful. It was wonderful to see her come into her own. Iam actually thinking of watching the whole thing all over again ….

        1. lol – I’ve been thinking of watching the whole thing over again too! I think I might just go ahead and do that – why not?

      2. Philip’s an appalling brat, but I confess I enjoyed him. Primarily because I felt I was given ‘permission’ to hate his sexism.

        I might also be biased because he seemed to be the only. Bloody. Person. remotely interested in calling out how bizarre and out-of-touch the whole monarchy circus is post 1950s.

        Also (shameless plug alert, so feel free to look away) I am putting up recaps of each episode if (and only if) anyone fancies a chat about specifics!

        1. You’re right; Philip’s incredulity at some of the monarchy pomp & circumstance is one of his saving graces. I just followed your blog, so I might even pipe up on specifics there!

  2. I have always wished I could knit at the movies!! But, the Alamo is not a thing in Ontario as far as I know…we only have regular old dark theatres…it always feels like a wasted knitting opportunity though!

    1. Well, to be fair, I did take an easy(ish) project – a hat knit in the round. I say easy(ish) because garter stitch in the round isn’t the most fun, but it is pretty easy! I’ve knit before in dark theaters, always on easy projects/easy sections of projects.

      1. I’m going to try it next time I’m at the movies!

  3. movie knitting! I have not unlocked that achievement yet . . . btw: what is the cabled object below the hat? Beautiful!

    1. The cabled object is a blanket that my Mom made for me; it’s everyone’s favorite blanket now. 🙂

  4. PaperPuff Avatar

    I love the sound of that theatre. a much nicer experience all round I think! Have been contemplating watching The Crown so I might have a dabble now – thanks!

  5. Wow that hat is so cute!!! I wish that I could make something like that; lol I only have patience enough for super bulky yarns lol. Love your blog!!!xxx

    1. Thanks! I like super bulky, too – sometimes I need that feeling of accomplishment from finishing something when I’m working on longer projects.

  6. I have The Crown in my Netflix queue. I’m waiting for a free day to binge:)

    Your theater sounds lovely. Mine does nothing about the talkers. There is nothing worse than hearing repeatedly “watch this part, it’s good”.

    1. Yes! Or being in a theater with an older couple “What did he say?” “He said he would think about it.” “What?” “HE SAID HE WOULD THINK ABOUT IT!” “What? I didn’t catch that.” ::facepalm:: And The Crown is definitely binge-worthy!

  7. I watched the entire season, also, seaming a sweater! Gotta love Netflix.

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