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While I was knitting …

It’s been quite a while since my last knitting-related post. I’m still working on my Bohus cardi, The Green Wood. I started knitting the sleeves after we got back from New Zealand and I can’t say that they’re going as quickly as I would like. I’ve been distracted from knitting since we got back; since the election, I’ve been making phone calls, sending emails, signing petitions, and more in hopes of keeping our new president in check. I also marched in the Women’s March on Washington (it was amaaaazing and overall a very positive experience; the only downside is that I’m an introvert, so the crowds were a little difficult for me to deal with but it was worth it!) and am keeping up with 5 activist groups on Facebook, all related to the Pantsuit Nation/Together We Will/Women’s March movement. If you’d like more info on the groups or how to pitch in, let me know!

Back to knitting and what I’ve been doing while knitting. I started the sleeves while watching new episodes of Sherlock, but instead of finding them clever and delightful, I found them repetitive and not boring, but like they’re covering the same old ground again and again. Somehow the first 2 seasons managed to make old ground fresh again; not so the last 2 seasons. In season 3, Mary Watson and Mrs. Hudson were the only characters I was watching for; now I’m left with Mrs. Hudson. Unless someone convinces me that the last two episodes of season 4 are worth it (and not just for a gander at Benedict Cumberbatch), I’m not wasting my time with watching them.

Instead, I switched to The Fall, which has been on Netflix in the US for forever. I’ve loved Gillian Anderson since the first season of the X-Files when they were first televised and she is stellar in this series. All 3 seasons of the show were compelling, although some of the characters are rather flat and predictable, and I almost wish for new seasons focused on a fresh crime/suspect.

I’ve also been reading a lot on my Kindle while knitting since I’ve been back. I borrowed A Storm of Swords from the library to take with me on vacation and finished it in the motel in Rotura (though I didn’t knit while reading it). When I got back, I borrowed A Feast For Crows and finished it the other day. Martin can be a very compelling writer, but he also gets bogged down in detail that doesn’t contribute a whole lot to the story, especially in A Feast For Crows, so I admit there were a few chapters that I skimmed (particularly one of the chapters about the commander of an Ironborn ship and bits and pieces of Cersei chapters). Thanks to free previews of HBO, I’ve watched the TV series halfway through season 6 so am just now (I think) at about the same place in the plot in both mediums, despite the divergence the series takes from the book. Arya and Brienne of Tarth are two of my most favorite characters – I suppose that’s not all that surprising.

I also bought an An Unquiet Mind to read while on vacation since it wasn’t available in my library’s digital collection. I’m 85% through the book and highly recommend it for anyone interested in bipolar disorder both from a clinical viewpoint and as a first-hand account – the author, Kay Redfield Jamieson, is a leading researcher of the disease and suffers from it herself.

I’m not sure what I’m going to read next; I keep ordering books (actual books, not Kindle books) from Amazon and have a stack of them to keep me busy, including Pema Chodron’s Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living and Children’s Stories from the Northern Legends. I do know what I’m going to watch next, though; I’m excited to watch more of Victoria (I watched the first episode) so I can swoon more over Rufus Sewell.


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  1. shellssells Avatar

    Don’t bother with the rest of Sherlock. I am a little annoyed I invested the time. You’ll feel the same all the way through. It often is the case that I end up “dumping” a TV show abruptly, and Sherlock just got dumped. The Fall however, we really enjoyed as dark and disturbing as it was.

    1. Thank you for this; I feel less guilty for not finishing the whole thing. I usually stick with things until the bitter end, but I just can’t with Sherlock. (Also, don’t tell anyone, but I feel about the same about Dr. Who – I stopped watching early last season.)

      1. shellssells Avatar

        Innnnteresting. I have seen one season of Peter Capaldi and haven’t made it any further. Mostly due to lack of access currently. And, lack of inspiration as well. My daughter really loved it, but she’s got other stuff she’s into now, and so I don’t feel an overwhelming need to seek it out if she isn’t asking for it. But man, I used to LOVE that show! So much. I guess it’s not surprising. Shows grow and change, and so do we, and if we grow and change in different directions, letting it go seems wise.

        1. That’s a good way to look at it!

  2. I agree about Sherlock. There was a tiny bit in the final (if only!) episode where you could see the writers thinking “We’d better put a bit of detective stuff in” but overall it was overblown, nonsensical self-indulgent crap. Rather like Doctor Who – I think Steven Moffatt is trying too hard these days .

    1. Oh hurray! I feel better now – I also stopped watching Dr. Who early in the last season. It’s not Capaldi, but the writing; I agree that Moffatt is trying too hard.

      1. For me the decline in Dr Who started with Matt Smith – always running around and gabbling so fast I couldn’t make out what was going on. Capaldi has slowed it down a bit, but the writing continues to annoy. Or maybe it’s just my age. Fast becoming a grumpy old woman – but there’s a lot more important stuff to be grumpy about these days. 😉

        1. It started with Matt Smith for me too, somewhere in season 6 though – I really loved his first season. It just steadily declined after that. There are a lot more important things to be grumpy about these days – you’re not alone in that!

  3. It’s definitely been hard to concentrate! I’m glad to hear you are keeping up the fight 🙂 And all while knitting. I hope the March was awesome!!

    1. The March was incredible! We got down there early enough to find a spot to sit on Independance Ave in view of one of the jumbotrons, so didn’t realize how big the crowd was until the pictures taken afterwards. The ones of the mall just show the overflow – Independance Ave, where the stage was, was packed for at least 6 solid blocks with spillover further west. I might post the pictures I took of signs tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. 🙂

  4. PaperPuff Avatar

    Oh, I am with you all the way on Rufus Sewell! I have the Victoria series ready to binge watch one day. With popcorn. Or maybe I should choose something Victorian like a game pie?!

    1. What you munch won’t matter: Rufus Sewell will approve of it eventually anyway. ::swoon::

  5. So much wonderful reading happening! I really enjoyed Jamieson’s memoir. It’s incredible, and one of my favourite things, ever. Happy knitting and reading. 🙂

    1. I finished it late this afternoon; it was really good! She’s so brave & intelligent & eloquent!

  6. I suppose I will be the voice of a different tune, but I found the 2nd/3rd (Depends on if you count The Abominable Bride as part of the season or not.) episode of season 4 to be the best of the bunch (although that is saying something.) Granted I preferred it because I felt it had more of a feel to seasons 1 and 2 at least in Watson’s character development and the “case” was a bit better. As for the finale? Rubbish, utter rubbish. As a very big fan of the series I am still disappointed in how they mucked it up, ugh. Anyway will have to check out The Fall, thanks for the tip!

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