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While I was knitting …

It’s the HBO free preview week from my cable provider, so I spent much of the weekend finishing the sleeves on my cardigan and catching up with Game of Thrones using HBO on demand. I have Verizon FiOS, so if you do too, you might have free HBO too!

I thought I’d left off watching in the middle of season 5 but scenes from some of the later episodes were really familiar. I initially put this down to have read all but 1 of the published series; of course it seemed familiar, I’d read the book and inserted the actors into it instead of making up my own the way I usually do when I read. (You know, you get a sense of the character and sometimes when a book is made into a movie, the character on-screen doesn’t match what you have in your head or what the author describes on the page. One of the downfalls of book-to-movie movies.) But as I started watching season 6 I realized that no, I must’ve watched the whole of season 5 last year during the HBO freeview. Anyway, if you haven’t watched (or read!) Game of Thrones, yes, it’s as compelling as everyone says it is. IIRC, the book is a lot less sexy than the series but perhaps more violent. The plotting and scheming in both are fascinating and the main draw for me, along with some of the supernatural elements that pop up (ice zombies, magic, the old gods, and much more).

My husband and I also watched the latest The Walking Dead and, without spoiling it too much, I’m glad things are starting to look up. The beginning of this season was really hard to watch and it pushed my own personal limit on how much violence is too much. I’m still recovering from that – you can’t unsee these things – but I’m glad the show has moved  forward.

Because we continue to have spring-like weather (and I can’t post words words words with no pictures), here’s a picture of redbud (Cercis canadensis) buds from my back yard.

Naturally II


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  1. Knit Potion Avatar
    Knit Potion

    Beeeeautiful shot of your redbud! We can’t wait for the new season of Game of Thrones! We’ve been watching the new 24 and Homeland in the meantime, and they are both pretty entertaining. We’ve also been watching Colony. Paul likes that one better than I do because he’s more into the sci-fi aspect of it, but it’s not bad. We watched The Walking Dead religiously for the first few years but trailed off eventually. Glad you’re still enjoying it!

    1. Maybe I’ll check out Homeland again; I think I’m 2 seasons behind on that. The plot just seemed ridiculous to me at a certain point, and I met & skated (roller derby) with a woman who works in that arena who confirmed that things don’t quite work that way even though it may make for compelling TV for the rest of us. I think I’ve seen ads for Colony; I’ll have to check it out – I enjoy sci-fi and if someone who’s not totally into it likes it, that must mean it’s pretty good! 🙂

  2. Spring!! I’m so jealous:) It’s warm here but we still have snow.

    1. It was cold on Friday, but since Saturday I’ve been wearing flip flops (though my feet have been cold at times). We haven’t gotten much snow this year, maybe 1/4″ – the rest have been flurries. I’m pretty sure it’s because my husband bought a super snazzy snowblower last year. It’s so fancy it has a headlight! 😂

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