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While I was knitting … November 8 edition

Saturday, I drove to Richmond, VA with a friend and her daughter, who’s taking a class from William and Mary for gifted students. I went along to keep Becky company and hang out while her daughter was in class. I somehow forgot to knit on the way down – it was dark when we set out and I wasn’t fully caffeinated yet. But on the way home, I was on a roll with the Green Wood Cardigan so I kept knitting while we listened to Radiolab, a National Public Radio show and podcast. I’m a long-time listener and supporter of this program. It’s hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich and is “…a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.” Sometimes Jad and Robert get giggly with the shear joy of discovery, other times they are somber and reverential. Some of my favorite episodes:

And more. I kind of want to go back and listen to them all again! Most are safe to listen to with children, particularly the early seasons. My kids have been listening to Radiolab since 2006 when they were 9, 7, and 2. Of course, the best way to see if an episode is appropriate for your kids/family is to listen to it first.

(I’ve always been upfront about swears with my children; I sat the oldest 2 down and went through all the ones I could think of to take the mystery out of using them and then told the boys that those a grown up words. As they got older, I told them that there’s a time and place for swearing and encourage them to think twice before using a swear.)

I haven’t been watching a whole lot of TV this week, beyond keeping up with Indian Summers and the Durrels in Corfu. I’ve been reading a lot of Facebook (bad), but also am about 2/3 through The Chronology of Water. I think I could probably read it while working on the Green Wood if I figured out how to keep the book open without using my hands. The Chronology of Water is a memoir, but it’s structurally different from typical memoirs; it’s not necessarily chronological. The writer, Lidia Yuknavitch, has lead an interesting life (to say the least) and she’s a good writer.

I did go to the movies again this week. Two movies in one week! Shocking! I took Ethan and Henry to see Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children on Halloween, which I briefly wrote about last week, and then Mr. Q (my husband) and I went to see Hacksaw Ridge on Saturday. I admit I wasn’t really up for another WWII war movie, which is all I knew about it when we went into the theater, and I did drift off somewhere in the middle. The battle scenes were ho-hum (they’re not really my thing) until the critical point where Desmond Doss stays behind. I wish I had read up on Doss before seeing the movie; I would have paid more attention and been a little more patient with the plot. I’d even go see it again just to see the heroics of the only conscientious objector to ever receive the Medal of Honor (the US military’s highest honor).


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  1. I appreciate the bit about swearing–we take a similar approach in our household and discuss the power (and silliness) of language. I like treating kids as competent and capable people who need information to make choices in the world. Oh, and car knitting + Radiolab for the win!

    1. “… treating kids as competent and capable people …” YES! This has always been my approach to parenting, rather than keeping them in a protective bubble. I would rather help them understand and deal with adversity, the bad in the world, ugliness, than to pretend those things don’t exist.

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