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Wordless Wednesday: Jeff & Eevee 


Lady Eevee


Jeff: King of the House, Ruler of the Dog Bed
Lily has no idea of what’s coming

[wpvideo ipO48fSa]


Eevee Ingalls Wilder


4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Jeff & Eevee ”

  1. Knit Potion Avatar
    Knit Potion

    Wonderful pictures!!

    1. Thank you! Eevee Ingalls Wilder let me survive the night, so I think she’s forgiven me for the bonnet. 😁

      1. Knit Potion Avatar
        Knit Potion


  2. PaperPuff Avatar

    I think I may have let out an undignified snort at Eevee Ingalls Wilder! Brilliant. Got the theme tune in my head now…

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