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Wordless Wednesday: Maryland Sheep & Wool 2017

I think this is a giant temari ball in the competition at #mdsw2017. Fascinating & so cool!! Great texture! #mdsw #fiberart #fiberarts

One of the #mdsw2017 competition entries - so cute! #mdsw

Detail of a shawl in the garment competition at #mdsw2017. #mdsw

Detail of another shawl in the #mdsw2017 competition. It was draped over the side of the table it was displayed on, that's why there's a bit of a line through that gorgeous lacy, beaded detail. #mdsw

My #mdsw2017 haul: 2 skeins of @neighborhoodfiberco Studio Sock in Upton (to make a shawl using a rainbow yarn I got at #mdsw last year) Maple Sugar Candy from Justamere Tree Farm (hands down my favorite candy), fiber from @amyboogie/Spunky Eclectic (I'm


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