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Wordless Wednesday: Nature Photos 3




Moss and snow along the W&OD trail. Yes, I went for an actual walk! I wish I knew the name of this moss - bryophytes are tricky. #suzimandyphotochallenge #naturephotooff #unfiltered #moss #snow #nature #naturemacro #naturephoto #naturephotography #naturep

Clouds in the gloaming. #naturephotooff #suzimandyphotochallenge #naturephotography #nature #naturepics #cloudscape #gloaming #gloamingsky

My garden gnome (who's really a salt & pepper shaker holder) needs some new paint this year. Maybe I'll knit him a new hat, too. He lives in the small flower bed around the light post in our front yard, tucked in among liriope, 3 different peonies, a clem


4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Nature Photos 3”

  1. The photos are great but so done with snow, lol

    1. I’d be done with snow too except here in VA we only got 1 storm that left us with any accumulation. I’ll gladly take your spring snow!

      1. I just drove from Miami to Cape Cod in the past 3 days and was shocked with 4 ft piles of snow in NYC around i95

        1. Ugh … that drive! I’m having South of the Border flashbacks, lol!

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