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Wordless Wednesday: Spirea

Spiraea japonica 'Walbuma' - Magic Carpet Spirea
Spirea japonica “Walbuma” – Magic Carpet Spirea, unfiltered/raw


6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Spirea”

  1. Knit Potion Avatar
    Knit Potion

    So lovely!!

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t sure I’d like it when we planted it 12 years ago, but it’s become one of my favorites.

  2. chicken46 Avatar

    Wow – that is the greenest of greens isn’t it?

  3. It really is. And this was in the shade, too. The only thing that could make this better (IMO) is if I managed to catch a pic of a praying mantis/baby praying mantis – they like to hang out in the spirea and the autumn clematis that grows nearby.

  4. chicken46 Avatar

    I’ll have to imagine that. We have spirea in the UK but our indigenous praying mantis count stands firmly at zero!

    1. Now I feel like I’m on a quest to find one for a future Wordless Wednesday! The neighbors will wonder what weird thing I’m up too now, I’m sure. 🙂

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